Gastronomy - Pensjonat Faltom


Faltom Seaside Guest House specializes in events of all types,

from weddings, Communions to conferences.

We leave at your disposal sea view Banquet Hall with seats up to 100 people.

You are assured to receive a friendly and professional service, vired, delicious choice of menus and great music.


Full continental breakfast with one hot dish is served from 1 October till 30 April.



Welcome !
Head office is located in the Hotel Spa Faltom.

Please inform the manager if the conversation concerns the Leśna Karczma in Swarzewo. 

tel. 48/ 58 / 78 58 178


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Nadmorski Pensjonat Faltom

84-121 Władysławowo/Swarzewo

ul. Szkolna 53

tel. kom.: 666 383 495




kom: 666 383 495 | tel: 58 674 26 27